Friday, July 31, 2009

Picture Of The Day - "Port of Tampa At Night"

A photographer friend of mine and I decided that we wanted to practice night photography. Tampa is a great place for it, but we couldn't decide where to go. We drove all over the Harbour Island and Channelside area looking for the "right" spot. Just before the sun started to set, we decided on a location on the back side of Davis Island. It was very quiet there. We could see the tall buildings of downtown Tampa starting to light up and our tripods and cameras were set and ready to go. But another area was catching my attention. It didn't look all that "pretty" when we first got there. But as the night was setting in, I began playing with different shutter speeds to see what I could get on the other side of the water. Using a Nikon 70-300 lens on my D70 I was able to watch ships being cleaned and worked on. Steam was coming up all over the place. Every now and then a tug boat would cruise by. At the end of the night, this was one of my favorite shots.


  1. Nice shot and I love the way the crane disappears into the night sky. You are very lucky to have a photographer friend to share your adventures.

  2. Thanks, Patricia. I wish I could have gotten the steam shots better. I guess they were cleaning the ships, or ground, or something. But it was so cool.