Sunday, August 2, 2009

Picture Of The Day - "Beads And Glass"

Ever have one of those days when you can't seem to find anything to photograph? Look around you, there is ALWAYS something to shoot.
It was too hot outside, so my friend and I decided we were going to shoot little things in the house. This would be a good exercise in playing with lights and existing light, using backdrops, and being creative with props. This was the first time Nancy had been to my house. While I was getting busy setting the table and lights up, she searched through the house to find objects to use. I was amazed! There were things that had been around me 24/7, but for some reason I never thought to photograph them. She found shells, candles, glass containers, mirrors, beads, cereal, jars ... all KINDS of stuff! We had a blast that day exploring the possibilities of the photographic world with all these items. This is just one of my favs from that day.


  1. The reflection and lighting really give it a nice twist. Did you use a mirror or black reflective surface?

  2. Thanks. I used one of those framed mirrors that you hang on the wall. A black matboard was placed to stand behind it as a mini backdrop. Minimal lights were used, but I did use my SB800. Post processing was done in Lightroom. I used the exposure slider to darken it a bit and to smooth out the background. Then, minor adjustments were used in Photoshop Elements 5 to clean up spots that may have been on the mirror.

  3. Thanks for the details Carolyn. Great job and nice to see someelse still using PS Elements 5.