Monday, August 17, 2009

Picture Of The Day - "King Of The Hill"

I had an opportunity back in October of last year to visit the Cades Cove area of Tennessee with a friend. We stayed in her beautiful home up in the mountains. During that visit, I saw another side of nature that you don't see in Florida, and I loved it. The colors were absolutely gorgeous! I'll be posting some of those pictures from time to time.

My friend's cabin was set up in such a way as to "invite" all sorts of wildlife. There were bird baths and feeders set out over the property, and they were constant entertainment during my stay. This Picture Of The Day reflects one of those times. I sat for quite some time watching dove fight over the "top spot" of this feeder. It was very amusing to watch how they would fight for their "favorite" spot. Out of all my shots, there were not very many where I could get all of the birds still in one image. But that was okay. I like the motion of the wings as it helps to tell the story.

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