Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things Are Looking A Little Brighter

Well, it has been quite an experience for me since last Friday. I ended up having to leave my 1TB hard drive with the computer guys. Apparently, it was a serious problem. What was frustrating was that it would go in and out. You'd think you had it working because it was recognizing all the folders. However, you couldn't get to them because it claimed they were read only. I had to leave my computer with them for awhile, too, because we still weren't sure whether part of the problem could have been the USB ports, but it turned out not to be the issue.

What they ended up doing was transferring as much information as they could, while the HD would let them, to a good HD. Then, when it quit again, they would have to wait several hours or overnight and pick up where it left off later. I had a little over 215GB of images on it so, needless to say, I was seriously considering what my game plan would be if they couldn't get it all back. I did a REALLY stupid thing and had all of my images on that HD with NO backup. SERIOUS lesson learned here! I knew I could get my images back from my website host. And, if I asked nicely, I may have been able to get most of my stock images back from the stock sites. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. I really did not want to have to go that route if at all possible.

However, I had a peace about the whole thing, too. It was what it was, and there was nothing I could do to change that now. I will admit I prayed an awful lot about it!

I ended up buying another HD today, and the computer guys were going to transfer all that they had retrieved over to it. We talked about putting it all on DVDs. But after they told me it would take their guys a minimum of half a day of billable hours to transfer my images to 50-60 disks at $90 an hour, I changed my mind about that idea real quick.

So, hopefully by tomorrow sometime I will have my HD back, and I'll be able to start catching up with things again. You don't realize how addicted you are to that stuff until you have to do without it.

Thanks, Patricia for your comment and concern today. A by-product of not having access to my images on my HD is that I had to dig around for old images on CDs that I had. I was able to get a few more products up on my Zazzle and Greeting Card Universe stores, so that was good.


  1. Glad to hear the computer issues are not quite as bad as they could have turned out. Looking forward to the reinstatement of your Images of the Day.

  2. what was the brand of the one that crashed? our son has a 1TB and heaven forbid his crashes. I have all of my stuff backed up by Carbonite and plan to do his as well. too much work on there to lose.

  3. Denise, the unit was a I21-6046/Iomega Series 1TB Desktop Hard Drive. It cost me $210 when purchased in April of '08. This is a HUGE unit (approx 10"Lx5"Wx3"D) that consisted of two Seagate Barracuda 7200.ll 500 Gbytes hard drives encased to make up the 1TB. The problem with it was that it ran VERY hot. When it got to the "end" and were trying to copy everything over, it would run a very short while and get hot. We would have to shut it down, let it cool, and then could continue copying over a few more files or folders until it would overheat again and lock up.

  4. As an added note, I purchased it from CompUSA in Tampa.