Friday, August 21, 2009

Oops ... "Houston, we have problems!"

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't had a "Picture Of The Day" for the last couple of days. My computer and external hard drive have decided that my time is better spent struggling with them than posting. So far, I haven't thrown, broken, smashed, anything ... yet! None of my USB ports want to work for me, and I keep getting "Failure using the VxD loader, Code 19" error message. Been doing lots of searching Internet for solution, but so far nothing is working. My external has decided it wants to be "read only", but won't even let me access it. Worse yet, it says in order to use it now I have to format it. I think NOT! Occasionally, it lets me see the folders so as to tease me and let me know the files are still there. But I can't get to them.

So, tomorrow and through the weekend, if necessary, I will be trying to get "professional" help for this dilemma I'm in. If anyone reading this has come across this problem before, I sure would appreciate a comment or email as to how you solved it.

In the meantime, until this situation is resolved ... HAPPY SHOOTING!


  1. The computer issue looks serious since you still are not able to put up one of your great images of the day. Hope the fix is something simple and inexpensive. Love so many of the new items on Zazzle...nice work.

  2. Thanks, Patricia. It really gets you thinking trying to put something up every day. Been working for a friend doing a BIG yard sale today and tomorrow. I'm too pooped to do anything else when I get home! But I'll try to get something up again tomorrow night. Appreciate your comments, my friend!