Saturday, October 10, 2009

Picture Of The Day - "Serenity"

Back on August 6 of this year, I posted a sunset picture of the lake at Riverhills Park in Tampa, Florida. I was going back through some of my image folders and found this image I had taken at the same park. What a beautiful place this is to visit! This particular day I think I shot over a hundred images during a short period of time watching as the lake changed. This image spoke "serenity" to me - peaceful - tranquility. It makes me want to just sit on a bench and stare out at God's beautiful canvas as He paints in the colors. I know the process of condensing the image for web viewing will not do it justice.


  1. Before reading the text, I thought "tranquility." The water looks surreal...beautiful shot.

  2. Thanks, Alice and Patricia. I appreciate your comments. I have this "thing" about having too much "noise" in an image. Because of that, occasionally I tend to over adjust with noise reduction in Lightroom. Just out of curiosity, I pulled up the original raw file to see if this image had been over adjusted. But it hadn't. This is very close to the original file with minor adjustments that are normal. This river (looks like a lake, though) is awesome. That particular day, I got a ton of images from different positions. The water is glass smooth in all of them. I may put up a few more of them over the next couple of days. Guess I could call it my run on "a walk in the park" days. :-)